At SCV All Stars, it is all about passion . . . a passion for the sport of All Star Cheer and a passion for working with young people.  This passion has resulted in amazing success over our 13 years in All Star cheer and has enabled us to standout as the most admired All Star cheer program on the West Coast.


  • to develop a confident athlete, that will prove to be a lifetime asset.
  • to teach teamwork as a skill – to work toward shared goals.
  • to develop personal and skill progression for each athlete.
  • to teach Commitment and Hard work as attributes for success.
  • to develop the whole athlete – physically, mentally, and emotionally, through  hard work, practice, and competition.

 Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for all of our athletes and their families, impacting the lives of young people towards success in any and all future endeavors


Thank you for your interest in the SCV All-Stars, California's most highly respected program in the sport of competitive cheerleading. We are greatly encouraged by your expressed interest in becoming a part of our Nationally recognized Cheerleading program.  Since our beginning in 2003, SCV has proven to be one of the very few Top-Tier All Star Cheerleading programs on the West Coast. Located right here in the heart of Santa Clarita Valley, the SCV All Stars have set themselves apart with innovative choreography, exciting cheer routines, quality cheer athletes, and high standards of sportsmanship, while winning numerous State and National competitions.